Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Messy studio means busy machine

Messy messy sewing studio but I feel like I got quite a bit done today.

Taking 2 bags to work tomorrow, I may be teaching a class on how to make one (or both!)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Creative Peace - Inspire Your Soul: We are all on a Quest

My Creative Peace - Inspire Your Soul: We are all on a Quest

So beautiful!

Children, husband, & bickering, oh my!

Tried to work today - operative word being tried.

Children were demanding attention, husband hovered like a stalker, and everyone was bickering!
Was a bad, bad day for work here at home. :(

On the up-side, I did have some new designs & ideas today for bags & clothing.

Listing tomorrow!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Satin, satin, satin

Bought 3 different satins yesterday - a navy, a pretty burgundy, & a double-sided satin that's navy blue with pretty polka-dots on one side & polka-dots on stripes on the other.

I have worked a lot of the day on a reversible skirt out of the polka-dot satin. It's finished & super cute! Would be awesome as a "going out to dinner" outfit.

The burgundy is going to be sort of like this top by Gucci.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Trying to get motivated again

Well, I have truly lacked energy or motivation lately is not good.

I quit my one part time job in the hopes to have more time to dedicate to designing & sewing for my Etsy shop & creating artwork for my other Etsy shop.
But so far I am having a hard time controlling my depression enough to work.
For anybody who knows me personally, my life has been a big heartbroken mess. I was betrayed by my very best friend in the world in a cruel & cold way.
Subsequently, I am trying to change my life - from top to bottom.

I need to dust myself off & get busy!! I won't be able to change anything if I don't stay motivated & disciplined.

This is a pretty satin gown I made from a pattern printed in 1944.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Polyvore Style Set

Grown up Goth


Just became a member of Polyvore. If you are not familiar, it is a fun way to hone your styling skills. Lots of cool clothes, accessories, etc., AND lots of cool people too.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My whole new life in 2012

Well, as I said in my intro on my Etsy shop, this last 3 years have been the WORST years of my life - and this includes the pimply & hormone-raged teen years!! Aaahhh! I know, I never believed it could happen either!

My husband had a huge mental & physical breakdown about 2 years ago, but things had been really bad for quite a while before that. He has now been unable to work for the last 2 years, which totally turned my life as a full-time Mom & home-maker on it's head.
Before his breakdown, I had some Etsy shops that I puttered with, but nothing too consuming.

Now I work 2 jobs, and I'm hoping to make my shops take flight so that I can quit the one job that is pretty tiring, both hours-wise & soul-wise (ever had one of those jobs that sucks the soul out of you? well, this is one like that).

I have changed quite a bit about my life in the last year or so - I have a different body (I'm slightly thinner than 3 years ago) and I colored & cut my hair - had long brownish-blond hair down to the middle of my back, and now it is very blond (may go blonder yet) and cut into a Lob (you know, long-bob).
Love it.

Now for the rest of me...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stylist book to be on my shop site

I know a lot of women who have said to me, "how the heck do I buy a new life!??"

SO, here is what I'm thinking about for on my Etsy shop (Sustenance Couture) -

Weellll, I can't change your whole life, BUT I can help you change your image, which will in turn help change your life...

SO I am going to offer this service on my shop site - here's what I'm thinking...
  1. I will send you several sketches of different hairstyle options for your face shape & skin tone (haircuts & colors)
  2. I will tell you what body shape/type you have (based on your measurements)
  3. How to dress your body for the most flattering look (I will also show you celebrities that have similar body shapes)
  4. You will get a go-to guide for when you are out shopping to remind you of what is the most flattering for your body type.
  5. What type of jewelry you should wear for your body/face shape.
  6. What types of jewelry are timeless, and when to wear them.
  7. What shoes go with what outfits (& at which occasions)
  8. What are classic & timeless pieces of clothing & how to dress them up/down for different occasions.
  9. Make-up!! The best way to apply make-up (& in what colors) for your face shape, age, eye color & skin tone.
What do you think??

Working on how to make this idea sale-able...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New creations on Etsy

I have 4 new pieces of clothing on my new Etsy shop - Sustenance Couture.

2 new dresses, and 2 upcycled pieces.

Check it out.